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JULY 18th 2017

We finally were ready for some colour selections! First thing we needed to do was select our External Colours.

We have always loved the Chifley 37MKII on display at Thornton so a few weeks prior we ventured up there again to have a look and make sure we were 100% happy. The display is stunning and we knew this is exactly what we wanted the exterior of our new home to look like. The only thing we choose that was different to the display was the Garage Roller door at the front of the property. The one on display costs around $8000, it is beautiful but we could use that money elsewhere. Have a look:

Prior to our appointment we were contacted by the External Colour Consultant, Jodie, who asked us to start thinking about our external colours and to think about each of the following:

  • Roofing
  • Gutter, fascia, downpipes, rainwater tank
  • Windows
  • Garage door
  • Driveway Colour
  • External Paint

We promptly responded to Jodie with “we would like all of the colours used on the Chifley 37MKII display at Thornton, Thanks!”

On the 18th July 2017, it was finally time for our appointment. We were ready and made our way to Rawson HQ at Rhodes.

We had our Plan Presentation Appointment first with Kahila, you can read about that here. Then it was time for External Colours!

Jodie was great, the appointment was really easy and was held inside the Selections Studio.

First we were asked to choose the material and colour for our roof, we have chosen to go with a Colorbond roof as our roof is flat (skillion). We choose “Colorbond Surfmist” as it is a light colour and will reflect the heat well.

We also decided to go with “Colorbond Surfmist” for our gutters, fascia, downpipes and the rainwater tank.

Colorbond Surfmist 

Next up was our windows. We have always been a big fan of Black windows as it has a modern architectural look and feel. The window manufacturer Rawson use is Stegbar. We have chosen “Custom Black” for all windows and for our front door. Our front door is amazing! We have chosen Stegbar’s Statesman Pivot front entry door, its clear glass with a “Custom Black” aluminium frame which will match our windows perfectly.

Stegbar Custom Black

It was time to choose our Garage Door. First thing was the colour, we chose “Colorbond Surfmist” as it will match really well with the exterior paint and wooden cladding (coming up soon). We also needed to choose a profile for the roller door. Rawson use B&D Doors and we chose “Nullabor Smooth” which is a wide panel, smooth surface panel lift door.

B&D Panel Lift Door in “Surfmist” 

The driveway was up next. To be honest, we had completely forgotten about the Driveway part of selections so we had to think quick. We both love the exposed aggregate driveways but unfortunately its not something Rawson does so we went through the colours and found one we liked but Jodie was very good to pointed out that “Charcoal” would be a much better match to our Exterior Colours and she was right! So we have selected a “Charcoal” driveway which will look great.

Finally it came time to choose our External Colours. This was pretty easy except that we have a few different materials on our house so we have to choose 3 different colours. Here’s what we choose:

  • Hebel – Taubman’s Wise Owl (1/2 Strength)
  • James Hardie Matrix Cladding – Taubman’s Zelda
  • James Hardie Primeline Cladding – Taubman’s Wise Owl (1/2 Strength)
  • Pergola Feature – Taubman’s Wise Owl (1/2 Strength)
  • Eaves/Alfresco – Taubman’s Crisp White
  • Decowood Frame – Colorbond Monument
  • Decowood Cladding – Natural Chestnut
Taubman’s Wise Owl Taubman’s Zelda Taubman’s Crisp White Colorbond Monument Natural Chestnut

We are really happy with the colours we chose!

Before we left we had another sneak peak at the Selections Studio. We’re so excited to do our Internal Selections.



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