Rawson Homes Chifley 37 - Metro Facade

Eight Weeks

There’s not been much to update on lately, Rawson have completed the Bore Hole Test and are waiting on our developer to give the go ahead to organise someone to do the Site Contours. You definitely need to learn the art of patience when building, you’re always waiting for something. Things take time and the more you think about it the slower time seems to move, luckily for us we’ve got other things to take

Flooring Selection Appointment

We visited Accent Carpets at Castle Hill on Saturday to select our flooring for our new home. This was fairly simple as we’d chosen to do the whole house with either laminate or engineered oak. KRONOSWISS GIANT LAMINATE We ended up selecting the Kronoswiss Giant Beach Laminate which is a 244mm wide, 2025mm long and 12mm thick board. We chose laminate flooring in the end as while the engineered oak is great and has some

Life Style Store Appointment

We’ve got our electrical appointment coming up at some point and Rawson have been trying to get us to finalise our plans with the lifestyle store to ensure they know where to put the included items in our home and decide on any upgrades or changes to the inclusions which are included in our Orange Carpet Event promotion. So firstly we got confirmation from Rawson that we could upgrade the items included in the promotion

2017 Orange Carpet Event

When you look at building a project home the first thing you’ll notice is that pretty much every builder is going to be running some kind of promotion offering buyers tens of thousands of dollars worth of upgrades for your new home for “free…” or a small sum of money. Rawson were running their Orange Carpet Event promotion which they’ve run on and off with similar inclusions for a year or so. The promotion is