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We’ve got our electrical appointment coming up at some point and Rawson have been trying to get us to finalise our plans with the lifestyle store to ensure they know where to put the included items in our home and decide on any upgrades or changes to the inclusions which are included in our Orange Carpet Event promotion.

So firstly we got confirmation from Rawson that we could upgrade the items included in the promotion and the value of the included promotional item would be applied to the upgrade, this is different to the usual promotional item. Typically if you don’t like the promotional item such as a tap and you select another tap which may be more expensive you will pay the full upgrade price from the standard tap not the upgrade price from the promotional tap. So this was a nice surprise because we weren’t a fan of some of the items in the promotion.

We visited the Life Style Store and met Brendan who helped us through the demonstration of all the included items and gave us some options and suggestions for no cost changes and upgrades.


First thing we were shown were the outdoor alfresco speakers. We were given a demo of the included ones and they sounded good and then we heard the next model up Bose speakers and they sounded better.. go figure. Anyway we were then demo’d some ceiling speakers, I believe the first pair were a no cost upgrade and surprisingly they sounded as good as the more expensive Bose speakers. We then listened to the next level up and there was definitely a noticeable difference between the two pairs of speakers.

We like the idea of the ceiling speakers in the alfresco because they aren’t firing into our neighbours backyard and house. So we ended up selecting a pair of the Paradigm CI Pro P-80R. The upgrade cost was quite reasonable.


The media room was tough, we’ve never had a media room and haven’t really paid much attention to fitting one out but seeing as though we’ve got the room in our new home and we do watch a lot of movies it might be nice to splurge a little.

We listened to the included Bose system and it was pretty underwhelming, We probably get the same or better sound from the good old iPod HiFi hooked up to the TV. We were tossing up ceiling speakers again and a sub woofer and Brendan gave us a no cost change to some ceiling speakers and we upgraded to a sub woofer.

When we got home we did some research and realised this isn’t really an optimal configuration for a home media room and decided to change to in wall speakers. We chose to go with the same speaker we selected for the alfresco but an in wall model, Paradigm CI Pro P-80IW.


We stayed with the Denon AVR-X1400H as it is more than adequate to power our media room and alfresco speakers and the model up only included more inputs which we won’t make use of.


The Life Style Store includes a Control 4 room controller and remote for the media room and a smart light switch for one room. At first we weren’t sure about this item as demos on youtube were a little underwhelming.

Brendan demo’d the ability of the controller to automatically switch devices on and off depending on what you selected to do, and then the remote acted as a universal remote for all the devices once it was up and running. We played around with it and it was pretty easy to use, maybe the parents could even understand it? Anyway we ended up getting the controller installed and programmed with the promotion.


Then the biggest upgrade and probably what we’re most excited about, the Control 4 smart lighting system. We used to have Philips Hue installed in our unit and it was so good! Being able to control any light in the house from any switch and also be able to set lights on a timer or turn all the lights off from one button.

We are installing the smart lighting in every common space in the house and our bedroom/ensuite. The possibilities with the smart lighting is pretty exciting and we found it worked really well in the rooms they had setup in the showroom.


The Life Style Store was great! Brendan was really helpful and they have a dozen theatres all decked out with some amazing kit all the way up to their insane $450,000 theatre room! We had a great time looking at all the options and listening to all the different systems they had setup while we waited for Brendan to finish our invoice.


If you are either going to the store to organise your promotional items or just to look into adding some items to your new home that can only be done while your home is being built we can definitely recommend the Life Style Store.

Another word of advice is that even if you’re just upgrading from promotional items always ask for a better deal, we had an additional $1,500 discounted from prices that were already discounted from their regular prices. It felt good because we never get that option to haggle and bargain with builders 🙂

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