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Wow what a full on week it’s been, time for a build update! We finalised our landscaping plans with our landscaping architect on Tuesday, we completed our Electrical and Tile selections on Friday and we received news that the electrical works on our subdivision which have been in progress for almost 5 months might be approved by AusGrid in a couple weeks!¬†On top of all this we’re ready to submit our DA to the Council! This all happened this week! Its been almost 2 years of everything going so slowly to this!

We completed our Electrical Selections on Friday morning, although we thought we were prepared they did have a couple of suggestions which we’d forgot to include. I have to say that the software Rawson Homes use is great, it all happens right in-front of your eyes. Seeing the price tick up and up is pretty daunting though! We forgot to provision for our automated blinds in the Electrical appointment, we think everyone went home as soon as we walked out as it was very quiet. The blinds were missing from the Lifestyle Store list of requirements and we just flat out forgot until lunch time. Hopefully they won’t make us pay a fee for a change seeing as though we did call them within 15 minutes of finishing and sent them an email. Once we’ve finalised it all we’ll post an update showing all our electrical selections.

Tile selections were easier than we thought, although we’re a little disappointed in the cost of laying tiles in herringbone. Laying subway tiles in Herringbone was 5x the cost of brick lay. You’re looking at a difference of $700 for Brick Lay to $4500 for herringbone with the same tiles on our feature wall in the ensuite. Seeing as though we wanted to carry this from the kitchen splash back, powder room and ensuite it was adding up to close to $10,000 just for Herringbone subway tiles which we just couldn’t justify. Otherwise a very successful day selections our tiles. We will post a Tile Selections blog soon.

We are so happy with our landscaping plans! Our landscape architect has done such a good job putting all our ideas into the plans. We’ll share a blog soon showing our ideas and what our landscape architect came up with for us.

To top it all off we finally received some good news from the developer of our subdivision. We’ve been told about the street lights needing to hooked up since October/November last year. Now everything they tell us can never be assumed to be the truth, so we can only hope that we are close to finally having the land register and settlement occurring soon.

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