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Tile Selections complete! We completed our Tile Selections at Tiles Direct last week. We were really lucky to have Helena to help us though the process. Tiles were the one thing we were dreading the most. It was probably the only thing we were still having an issue tying to the Scandi look we are going for.

After looking at so many Pinterest pictures of Scandi bathrooms we settled on a simple white look. What we found is that it was just too easy to get carried away with tiles. We didn’t want every wet area to be the same but at the same time we wanted some symmetry throughout the home. We wanted to bring some texture into our tile selections too.

Helena chose our wet room flooring tile right away after a quick chat about what we were after. It’s a light grey tile with a shimmering finish called “La Roche Silver Matt” it has a great texture finish. This is a 450×450 tile and was only a small cost to upgrade from 300×300. This tile is carried through all of our wet areas in the home.

We wanted to use Matt tiles throughout our wet areas as we weren’t using any gloss finishes anywhere. We chose a satin white wall tile which was going to be the basic wall tile in all our wet areas. For this we chose a standard rectangular tile “White Satin” which is 450×300. This tile will match the size of our floor tile, although Tiles Direct cannot guarantee them aligning it will still look better.

We chose to have a feature tile in our Ensuite and Powder room. The main bathroom will be simpler and just have our chosen floor and wall tile with no feature tile. In the Kitchen we wanted a tiled splash back as we’d seen too many horror stories with glass splash backs smashing! We chose to carry the type of feature tile throughout the home. We both really like the long subway tiles, so it was a choice of either the flat style or handmade style. The handmade subway tiles really add a nice texture when a wall is tiled with them. We will also use a dark grey grout which will help to stop it getting stained from cooking.


The picture shows our flooring selection (Krono Swiss Beach), our under bench cupboards (Blossom White Matt), our benchtop (Cloudburst Concrete) and our overhead cupboards (Tasmanian Oak Wood Matt) along with our tiling selection. We chose the “Kraft White Matt” which are the larger 75×300 handmade subway tiles. Initially we wanted herringbone lay but it was so expensive! We ended up using a brick bond pattern instead which will still look stunning.

One thing we found out after our tiling appointment is that we can remove the tiling returns. We’d asked at the appointment but they were unsure whether Rawson would allow us to remove them. We’ve since received the go ahead and we’re going to remove all the tiling returns to have a cleaner look in the kitchen.

Powder Room

Our powder room is going to feature matt black bathroom fixtures, which will really pop with the white tiles. We used the standard wall and floor tiles in the powder room and also used the matt white subways as the feature tile. In the powder room we will use the same blossom white and cloudburst bench top. The powder room is going to have matt black edging throughout.


Our master bedroom is going to have a huge matt black wardrobe, we want to carry this into the ensuite. The feature tile we are going to use is a “Kraft Black Matt” handmade subway tile. The subway tile is a 75×300 tile which will be used on the feature wall inside the shower wall. Hopefully this connects the master bedroom to the ensuite as the two rooms are attached without a door. The chrome taps should really pop on the black tile too. The feature wall will have matt black edging and the rest will have matt silver.


The main Bathroom is just going to simply feature our chosen floor and wall tile. There won’t be a feature tile or wall in this room.

Outdoor – Patio and Alfresco

We found this awesome tile which was grey but has some beige undertones. This will work really well with our external colours out the front and back of our home. We chose a standard selection tile “Alps Beige External” which is 450×450. Its going to look really good!

Overall we had a great time with Helena at Tiles Direct. Rawson have a great selection of standard tiles to choose from.

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4 thoughts on “Tile Selections

    1. Thanks Penny!

      The tile is called La Roche Silver Matt 450×450, it was an upgrade but only $100-200 per a wet area which is pretty reasonable.

      They did have a standard tile called Alps Beige which is very similar which we used for our Porch and Alfresco. It was just a little lighter than the tile we used for the flooring in the wet areas.

  1. Hey, how much more did you have to pay for the cloudburst concrete upgrade? I love the texture but am afraid for the $$$. We’re about to do our internals. Also, did you get the LUX upgrade? Because they offer a glass splash back but I’ve seen that you have gone with tiles instead. Do they give you credit or do you have to just add it on?

    1. Hey, we used cloudburst in our whole kitchen (4 benchtops) and the upgrade was around $3,400. I’m not sure about the glass splashback, I think specific ranges of the tiles and glass are the same price.

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