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We completed another milestone in the building process, the Electrical Selections!

The electrical selections process was a breeze, compared to colour selections where we had to wait 3 weeks for our modifications to go through estimations and make their way to us. This all happened right in-front of our eyes.


First of all you’re definitely going to want to take your floor plans and scribble what you think your electrical plans should be. We received our draft electrical plans a few weeks prior to our appointment so used these.


So we forgot a few things, some which were caught during our appointment and some we realised as soon as we walked out!

Data points – We’re not going crazy with data points but we forgot them altogether in our preparation plans
Additional Oven provision – We forgot we provisioned for another over after handover and almost forgot a power point and circuit for it
Garden lights – We wanted some junction boxes around the perimeter of the home for future garden lighting
Clothesline light – Really close to forgetting this!
Electric blinds provision – We want some automated blinds for our big west facing windows to cut out the heat, we forgot this and had to call up and get it added..


We’d already visited the Lifestyle Store which Rawson use for home automation and decided to use their smart light controls. These controls allow us to switch on/off lights connected to a Control4 light switch or puck. It is all wireless and is really flexible, we’re going to use these throughout the home. This will hopefully explain some of the light switches with many light circuits we’ve got. They will replace the switch with a single switch and multiple wireless pucks which can be interacted with the smart switches.



Electrical Plans

The Clipspec software they use lets you see your plans change right in-front of you. Moving items around, adding and removing items it all happens right there. You also get to see a running total, whether this is good or depressing we’re not sure. You should also get to walk away with your final plans that day after signing the variation.


Other than the few places we’re planning on using track lights and pendants we went down lights throughout our home. We used a total of 80 down lights. Unfortunately Rawson don’t use the Clipsal down lights which are switchable from Cool/Warm white so we chose cool white. Rawson use LEDlux Vivid White down lights as standard.

Rawson charge, wait for it. Ready? $137 per a down light. Probably the most expensive of any home builder in Australia.


Overall we used 50 power points throughout the home. They really add up but after really lacking them in our last home we were putting them everywhere this time!

Rawson do allow the use of the new Clipsal iconic range at a great price! We used the new black faceplates for all of our double power points which was only a $3 upgrade per power point. They were actually free for light switches which was good for the couple of spots we’re not using the smart switches.




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