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For us the Landscaping plans are as important as the house plans. We like to spend a lot of time outside and really wanted a space that would meet our requirements of being low maintenance and provide space for entertaining.

First thing we knew was we didn’t want a large amount of grass. We like grass but just requires too much water and maintenance, we really want to cut back on the watering requirements of our garden. We really like succulent and cacti gardens and wanted to incorporate this into our front yard. There will also be 2 Dragon Trees which will feature in the front and back yards.

Earlier in the year we came across Zenith Landscape Design when looking at other landscaping plans attached to DA submissions in our area and really liked their style. After we spoke to Megan briefly about what we wanted and then put together a short Brief with examples of what we were after. Megan really knocked the design out of the park, we were blown away by the initial draft and only had to make small adjustments to some of the windows and the rear garage door. We definitely recommend Zenith Landscape Design if you’re building in the Sutherland Shire area (


This was our landscaping brief for our front yard;

– To be mainly pebbles/gravel
– Minimal to No grass
– Plants: succulents and drought tolerant plants
– Extra Large Bowl full of succulents
– Cacti garden (Barrel cacti in clusters)
– Feature Tree: Dragon Tree
– Front fence (contemporary style)
– Large boulders/rocks in front of office window


This was our landscaping brief for our back yard;

– Minimal grass
– A Fire pit with seating on outside
– Hidden but practical clothes line large enough to fit king sized sheets
– Replacement of trees that were removed
– No tall trees
– Small Vegetable garden – perhaps incorporated into retaining wall
– Architectural style plants
– Include a Water feature
– Stairs from alfresco to be “prettied up” and made as wide as the slab
– Place some Sandstone stepping stones


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2 thoughts on “Landscaping Plans

  1. Hi! Love your landscape plan! Happy to stumble upon your house blog. You’ve made some really great selections for your home!

    Would like to ask how much approximately for your landscape? We are thinking of getting it done ourselves but if the price is okay. Why not.

    1. Hey Abby! Our landscaping plans were $1300, this included DA submission plans which will meet the council requirements for grass area and trees and such and then our master plans shown here which is what we’ll end up doing after our home is built.

      We read your blog too! It looks like we’re at pretty similar time frames now.

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