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You Are Here:, Pre-ConstructionIts Happening!

It’s a great way to start 2019! Since our last update we received our DA approval at the end of November last year. All of the trees on our block have been removed. Our bank finally sorted out our finance. Rawson received our Approval to Commence Construction letter and yesterday we were added to the construction list!

As soon as the DA was approved we organised someone to come remove our trees, 11 in total. What a difference no trees on the block makes! It was impossible to actually walk around the block before the trees were removed. The block feels so much larger and flatter than it appeared to be. You can see a before and after in the picture below.

Now the real reason we started this all begins, the build! We’re just looking forward to our site fence and the porta-loo delivery so it looks like a construction site!

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