Rawson Homes Chifley 37 - Metro Facade

Week Eight – Ground Floor Hebel

The ground floor Hebel has been completed! Wow Hebel goes up quickly, most of it was done in a day and then they came back over another 2 days to finish up some of the more fiddly bits.

Week Seven – Frame Completed

Frame completed! Hebel delivery! Progress payment!… We now have a completed frame with our windows all installed and roof trusses either installed or delivered. We also have our first delivery of Hebel at the end of the week along with all the other bits and bobs that go along with it. Next week should mean the completion of Hebel on the ground floor and the completion of the plumbing rough in.

Week Five – Frame Delivery!

What a nice surprise to have the frame arrive! Originally our SS had said only the external plumbing and the electrical connection to the front of the slab was going to happen this week. But on Friday as we did our DAILY site check… We saw the frames before we even arrived at the start of the street!

Week Four – That New Slab Feeling

The slab has finally been laid! It has been almost 3 years since we sold our unit and bought our land! They’ve done a great job, we can’t wait for the frame to go up and really show how everything is going to come together. We also got a new aerial photo of the area, it is going to be interesting watching it all come together with everyone else homes. Next week is going to