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Week Four – That New Slab Feeling

The slab has finally been laid! It has been almost 3 years since we sold our unit and bought our land! They’ve done a great job, we can’t wait for the frame to go up and really show how everything is going to come together. We also got a new aerial photo of the area, it is going to be interesting watching it all come together with everyone else homes. Next week is going to

Basix… Sigh

So, we finally settled on our block of land! We thought we had everything in place to go straight to council and lodge our DA but in a cruel twist of fate Basix would come to rear its ugly head. Unfortunately our Basix had expired but Rawson thought they could get the council to lodge the DA and they could “update” the certificate with the DA number therefore making it valid even though the 3

Eight Weeks?

Well eight weeks have come and gone and as expected but still somewhat disappointing the settlement of our block of land is further delayed. There are some small matters which the developer needs to attend to for council approval and then we need to wait for land titles to be completed. This means that we will probably not start within the Rawson Homes tender period we were given and probably won’t have settled until early

Eight Weeks

There’s not been much to update on lately, Rawson have completed the Bore Hole Test and are waiting on our developer to give the go ahead to organise someone to do the Site Contours. You definitely need to learn the art of patience when building, you’re always waiting for something. Things take time and the more you think about it the slower time seems to move, luckily for us we’ve got other things to take

Land Progress Update – July 30 2017

We took the drone over to the land today to get some updated progress pictures and video, they’ve finally finished laying the entire road for Olivia Place! Ryan place next door is still waiting to be completed but with some luck and good weather the developer believes it will be completed by the end of the week.. yea we’ll see about that. VIDEO AERIAL PHOTO LOOKING TOWARDS EMPIRE PLACE LOOKING UP OLIVIA PLACE SaveSave