4 October 2017

Looks like it is getting really close now.

30 July 2017

Olivia Place is complete! Now we wait for Ryan Place and all the things that come with land registration…

Olivia Place Illawong NSW - Flyover (July 30 2017)

3 June 2017

The road is almost complete, we’ve also had gas installed which was a nice surprise.

27 May 2017

Over the past few months the plumbing has been completely torn up including half of our new kerb. We’re back at the same stage we were at in February. The plumbing is finished and the kerb is complete. We’ve now got one section of road laid.

During this time utilities have been laid including electricity, water and telecom. We’ve also got most of the foot path completed.

27 May 2017

5 February 2017

Road base completed and the kerb has been installed, there is now form work for some of the sections of road. At this point we become aware that the original plumbers did the wrong thing and all the plumbing needs to be redone.

14 November 2016

The road base is now laid for Olivia Place

29 October 2017

More plumbing and excavation work

22 October 2016

More plumbing and excavation work

16 October 2016

Excavation work and the beginning of the failed stormwater plumbing

9 October 2016

More excavation work

2 October 2016

The excavation work has begun for Olivia Place and the new turning head on Ryan Place

24 September 2016

Remediation work now completed

10 September 2016

Remediation work still being completed

27 August 2016

At this date all the lots have just been sold and the developer is starting some remediation work on some of the land to the north where the old asbestos work sheds sat.