Rawson Homes Chifley 37 - Metro Facade

Week 23 – Electrical Rough-in

Week 23 was a massive week at our home! This week the rest of the roofing was completed and the 3 rear skylights were measured up to be installed. Our Electrical, A/C and Smart Home Rough-in were all completed too! Have a look at what we choose from The Lifestyle Store to complete our Smart home – here Next week we get a walk through of our home for a pre-linings inspection! Exciting times ahead!

Week Eighteen & Nineteen – Roof Windows

In between raining days, quite a lot of work was done. The cladding install was completed to the roof line and all cladding was painted! The matrix cladding is painted in a half strength called “wise owl”. We made sure we double checked with our site supervisor before the painting started that it was half strength. This was to make sure nobody’s time was wasted and our build works weren’t delayed. The colour matching was

Week Sixteen & Seventeen – Cladding

The cladding was delivered and has almost been completed on the first floor facade. It looks really good. We had a bit of a query from our Site Supervisor as to where the join would go because of the span of the matrix cladding sheets. But, lucky for us we asked Rawson to build us the exact same house as the Chifley 37 display home at Thornton. This made it much easier for us to

Week Fourteen & Fifteen – We have a Roof!

Over the past two weeks our roof was completed! The guys did an amazing job and it looks awesome! We were onsite the day the installers arrived to start laying the roof sheets. Its amazing to see how quickly they work and how many installers there were. When we arrived the crane was just leaving. Apparently they need a crane to lift the roof sheets onto the house due to the height. Safety first! The