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We completed our Colour Selections!

Finally! The fun part of the building process! Making all the selections for everything that will be in your new home! Rawson gave us 3 hours to make all the internal selections, this didn’t include tiling or electrical, for us it also meant we didn’t need to select our flooring as we’d already had an appointment earlier. We had our appointment with Stephanie who was great throughout the entire process, she really helped keep us

External Colour Selections Appointment

JULY 18th 2017 We finally were ready for some colour selections! First thing we needed to do was select our External Colours. We have always loved the Chifley 37MKII on display at Thornton so a few weeks prior we ventured up there again to have a look and make sure we were 100% happy. The display is stunning and we knew this is exactly what we wanted the exterior of our new home to look