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Tile Selections

Tile Selections complete! We completed our Tile Selections at Tiles Direct last week. We were really lucky to have Helena to help us though the process. Tiles were the one thing we were dreading the most. It was probably the only thing we were still having an issue tying to the Scandi look we are going for. After looking at so many Pinterest pictures of Scandi bathrooms we settled on a simple white look. What

Flooring Selection Appointment

We visited Accent Carpets at Castle Hill on Saturday to select our flooring for our new home. This was fairly simple as we’d chosen to do the whole house with either laminate or engineered oak. KRONOSWISS GIANT LAMINATE We ended up selecting the Kronoswiss Giant Beach Laminate which is a 244mm wide, 2025mm long and 12mm thick board. We chose laminate flooring in the end as while the engineered oak is great and has some