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Basix… Sigh

So, we finally settled on our block of land! We thought we had everything in place to go straight to council and lodge our DA but in a cruel twist of fate Basix would come to rear its ugly head. Unfortunately our Basix had expired but Rawson thought they could get the council to lodge the DA and they could “update” the certificate with the DA number therefore making it valid even though the 3

We completed our Colour Selections!

Finally! The fun part of the building process! Making all the selections for everything that will be in your new home! Rawson gave us 3 hours to make all the internal selections, this didn’t include tiling or electrical, for us it also meant we didn’t need to select our flooring as we’d already had an appointment earlier. We had our appointment with Stephanie who was great throughout the entire process, she really helped keep us

2017 Orange Carpet Event

When you look at building a project home the first thing you’ll notice is that pretty much every builder is going to be running some kind of promotion offering buyers tens of thousands of dollars worth of upgrades for your new home for “free…” or a small sum of money. Rawson were running their Orange Carpet Event promotion which they’ve run on and off with similar inclusions for a year or so. The promotion is