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Week Five – Frame Delivery!

What a nice surprise to have the frame arrive! Originally our SS had said only the external plumbing and the electrical connection to the front of the slab was going to happen this week. But on Friday as we did our DAILY site check… We saw the frames before we even arrived at the start of the street!

Week Four – That New Slab Feeling

The slab has finally been laid! It has been almost 3 years since we sold our unit and bought our land! They’ve done a great job, we can’t wait for the frame to go up and really show how everything is going to come together. We also got a new aerial photo of the area, it is going to be interesting watching it all come together with everyone else homes. Next week is going to

Week Three – Plumbing, Piering and Formwork

There was a fair amount of action on site this week! We started the week with our site having some further cutting to shape it for our drop edge beams and the plumbing for the slab being laid. Then we had our piering completed and our formwork started, the form work gave us an even better idea of how the house was going to sit on the block. We also got a delivery of our

Week Two – Rock Removal

Week Two was a bit of a slow week but there was still progress! We saw the site fence and porta-loo delivered as well as the rock removed from the front of the site. It is really beginning to look like real construction site now with the site fence and signage. Next week the slab preparation will begin with the plumbing and form work.