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Life Style Store Appointment

We’ve got our electrical appointment coming up at some point and Rawson have been trying to get us to finalise our plans with the lifestyle store to ensure they know where to put the included items in our home and decide on any upgrades or changes to the inclusions which are included in our Orange Carpet Event promotion. So firstly we got confirmation from Rawson that we could upgrade the items included in the promotion

2017 Orange Carpet Event

When you look at building a project home the first thing you’ll notice is that pretty much every builder is going to be running some kind of promotion offering buyers tens of thousands of dollars worth of upgrades for your new home for “free…” or a small sum of money. Rawson were running their Orange Carpet Event promotion which they’ve run on and off with similar inclusions for a year or so. The promotion is

Plan Presentation Appointment

July 18 2017 We received our Issue A plan documents and had reviewed them and come up with a list of changes we’d like to make to them. I must admit they did a fantastic job at fitting my changes into the first draft of the plans, there were only very minor changes required to them ┬ásuch as windows and fittings like the shower screen/overhead cupboards required. Overall we were very pleased with what Rawson

External Colour Selections Appointment

JULY 18th 2017 We finally were ready for some colour selections! First thing we needed to do was select our External Colours. We have always loved the Chifley 37MKII on display at Thornton so a few weeks prior we ventured up there again to have a look and make sure we were 100% happy. The display is stunning and we knew this is exactly what we wanted the exterior of our new home to look

Hey Rawson we’re back!

We’ve been thinking about building since 2012 when we we’re looking at a hilltop block on the central coast. Even then we we’re very much considering building with Rawson. Our situation changed and we ended up moving back to Sydney where we thought there was no way we could build. Fast forward 4 years and we found ourselves in a position to be able to build a new home close to our families. We sold