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Week Eighteen & Nineteen – Roof Windows

In between raining days, quite a lot of work was done. The cladding install was completed to the roof line and all cladding was painted! The matrix cladding is painted in a half strength called “wise owl”. We made sure we double checked with our site supervisor before the painting started that it was half strength. This was to make sure nobody’s time was wasted and our build works weren’t delayed. The colour matching was

Week Twelve & Thirteen

After two short weeks due to the Easter break, we now have all the Hebel and Render complete. Next week the painting should also be completed – weather permitting of course! There has been quite a lot of rain which has slowed things a bit.

Week Ten – First Floor Hebel

The Hebel to the first floor was just about completed this week! We had a little bit of rain but the Hebel installers were back on site to finish off the installation. Looks like we are almost ready for render and paint. Everything is looking awesome!