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Eight Weeks?

Well eight weeks have come and gone and as expected but still somewhat disappointing the settlement of our block of land is further delayed. There are some small matters which the developer needs to attend to for council approval and then we need to wait for land titles to be completed. This means that we will probably not start within the Rawson Homes tender period we were given and probably won’t have settled until early

Tender Presentation

May 4th 2017 We tried to delay our tender presentation, our land isn’t registered yet and the longer we delayed signing the tender the further out our tender expiration would be! We’d already locked in the Orange Carpet deal which we were really happy with and Hennie had promised us an additional 2 months on our tender. Talking of Hennie we received a call 2 hours prior to the presentation telling us some bad news,

Hey Rawson we’re back!

We’ve been thinking about building since 2012 when we we’re looking at a hilltop block on the central coast. Even then we we’re very much considering building with Rawson. Our situation changed and we ended up moving back to Sydney where we thought there was no way we could build. Fast forward 4 years and we found ourselves in a position to be able to build a new home close to our families. We sold